Jennifer Doudna for 1843 Magazine

Jennifer Doudna, American Biochemist and co-inventor of CRISPR, a gene editing technique that has been called one of the most significant discoveries in the history of biology - allowing genome editing in living organisms.  There is a huge ethical consideration taking place with regards to CRISPR, as it has already been successfully used on human embryos and will give us the ability to add desirable traits or drop undesirable traits in humans as well as potentially cure previously incurable diseases.  Photographed at UC Berkeley for The Economist's 1843 Magazine.

Jennifer Doudna, American Biochemist and co-inventor of CRISPR, photographed at UC Berkeley by Brad Torchia.

Brian Hughes

I spent a day with the Arrowhead Hotshots crew earlier this summer in Sequoia National Park and was amazed at the workload and sacrifice these men and women make. They’re among the most elite at their profession in the entire world and 16 hour days & burning 6,000 plus calories is standard. I had a nice conversation with this man, Brian Hughes, a 33-year old captain at the top of a long training hike he was leading. Last week he was killed fighting a fire near Yosemite and I’m thinking of him today and am grateful for the work he did.

Brian Hughes, a Captain for the Arrowhead Hotshots, photographed in June 2018 by Brad Torchia.