52 Weeks: Week 10

Week 10: James Carter.  I met James last summer in the park a few blocks from my apartment, where I had set up a little portrait studio by the tennis court.  This week I bumped into him again in the same place (just so happened to be walking around with my gear), we got to talking, and he let me make a few more portraits of him.  James is from Allentown, PA and grew up playing a lot of streetball in Philadelphia, NYC, and NJ.  He told me a lot about his life, starting with having friends get killed playing basketball in the wrong neighborhoods, to joining the Air Force, being one of the first African Americans in management at Mack Trucks, and getting spit at and called obscenities from a white couple this year.  He spends most of his time teaching tennis and basketball now, and his passion for these sports really comes across when you talk to him.  After the portrait he convinced me to stop by a school down the street so he could give me a basketball lesson.  He worked on my shot for about 30 minutes but told me I'd be pathetic even if I was ten feet tall.  He's 73.