52 Weeks: Week 8

Week 8: Ted Englemann.  In 1968 Ted went to Viet Nam (he made it clear I should spell it this way, as it is more historically accurate) to fight as part of the US Air Force.  He spent a year there, with his camera in hand, and like many others, was deeply affected by his experience.  When he returned to the US he developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, daily life became more challenging, and many of his relationships began to crumble.  Ted started to work with Veteran's groups and used his photography to both uncover some of the issues around PTSD, as well as make sense of his situation.  In 2006, he returned to Viet Nam and photographed many of the same areas he had 40 years earlier, noticing a weight shift and realizing that this process was an incredible coping mechanism.  He has since travelled to multiple conflict zones (including Iraq and Afghanistan) documenting his travels, as well as published multiple essays, and shown his work in galleries - much of this with the goal of helping others understand the emotional wounds of war.  I photographed him one hour before he left for another trip to Viet Nam.